A streamlined hydrolysis workflow for the analysis of multiple drug classes

Gerstel® recently released an App Note titled, “The completely automated workflow for hydrolysis and analysis of urine samples by LC-MS/MS,” that highlights the use of IMCSzyme® to automate urine drug testing workflow.  The report describes a streamlined workflow in a 96-well plate format for the analysis of multiple drug classes (opiates, opioids, benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants, hallucinogens) in urine samples.

The Gerstel® MPS Autosampler was paired with an AB SCIEX LC-MS/MS system and performed a 15-minute enzymatic hydrolysis, dilution and injection of urine samples.  Over 40 drugs and their metabolites were monitored during this particular study, but the automation strategy can be applied and adapted to other analyte glucuronide analyses.

These analytical processes involve LC-MS/MS is used to quantify total drug analytes present in urine samples because of its high sensitivity, selectivity, robustness and low detection limits.  The assays, however, involve workflows with lengthy sample handling steps including hydrolysis, centrifugation, sample cleanup and concentration prior to analysis.  Automating these steps in a “Prep-and-Shoot” workflow benefits labs because it allows for better reproducibility, creates high sample processing throughput, lowers cost per sample, and reports results more efficiently. The Gerstel® automated method allows labs to produce accurate and reproducible quantitation for multiple classes of analytes within a short period of time and also demonstrated the potential for IMCSzyme® to complete a comprehensive hydrolysis in 15 minutes.



“Automated Hydrolysis, DPX Extraction and LC/MS/MS Analysis of Pain Management Drugs from Urine” GERSTEL AppNote AN-2014-01

 For information regarding the ABSCIEX poster presented at SOFT 2014,”Automated sample hydrolysis for a forensic toxicology urine screening LC-MS/MS Method,” contact: Adrian Taylor, 71 Four Valley Drive Concord, Ontario L4K4V8 Canada

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