3 Ways to Accelerate Drugs of Abuse Testing in the Lab

The drug testing industry is constantly evolving. Between regulatory compliance, procedural mandates, and an ever-changing clientele, lab-based drugs of abuse testing is an industry ripe for disruption.

IMCS is a biotechnology firm streamlining the drug testing process. Our laboratory partners tell us our drugs of abuse detection technology is faster and more efficient than many of their alternatives; we take pride in innovating within a well-tread discipline.



How can labs accelerate their drug testing process? Here are three first-steps leading to better drugs of abuse testing.


1. Implement a Failsafe Process

All labs have processes. Not all labs follow them. It’s imperative that laboratory operators follow strict, unmoving guidelines for everything from check-in to sample handling. Even janitorial services should be monitored for utmost adherence to protocol! Investing in process improvement will always provide ROI for labs…better processes save time, decrease waste, and result in fewer errors across the board. Although adding more steps to a process might seem counterintuitive in the race toward faster results, implementable best-practices will almost always reduce the number of repeat tests and lost samples plaguing a lab.


2. Utilize Better Drug Testing Equipment

A lab is only as good as its testing equipment. The more steps a sample goes through as it’s being tested, the greater the potential for human error. IMCSzyme, a genetically-modified pure beta-glucuronidase, hydrolyzes multiple drug classes extremely quickly with very high efficiency. It’s also one of the most consistent, reliable testing solutions on the market. In the laboratory environment, consistency is key; investing in a product like IMCSzyme ensures accurate results the first time, every time.


3. Demand Better Customer Service

Laboratories rely on several, if not dozens, of suppliers to function. When the logistical processes of fulfilment, procurement, and shipment fall apart, so too do testing timelines. Labs should regularly audit their in-house roster of suppliers for everything from dispersive tips to syringe needles to ensure they’re always working with partners who sympathize with their pain-points. Lab managers should prioritize suppliers who ship quickly or whose customer service representatives are scientists and technicians, not just warm bodies. The quality labs get from their suppliers ultimately impacts the quality of their testing services and therefore their ability to work efficiently.

IMCS works with hundreds of labs to provide better drugs of abuse testing solutions. From lightning-fast hydrolyzation to unparalleled quality control, our products allow our partners to produce fast, accurate results for their clients.


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