A Call for Pain Management Certified Reference Materials

β-glucuronidase enzymes can have varying degrees of hydrolysis efficiency based on which analytes are being tested. Three β-glucuronidase enzymes were compared and optimized to achieve the most efficient hydrolysis of various glucuronidated opioids. 

Enzyme concentration, incubation time, and incubation temperature were varied in the hydrolysis studies of enzymes from Helix pomatia (Sigma), Haliotis rufescens (Kura Biotec®), and recombinant IMCSzyme® (IMCS). The effects of these variances were noted as well as the importance of including multiple glucuronidated analytes in the validation of each enzyme’s hydrolysis method.

A summary of “Hydrolyze Your Way to Compliance – A Call for Pain Management Certified Reference Materials” - An independent technical poster presented by Heather Hochrein - UC San Diego Health at MSACL 2016

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