Crime Lab saves an estimate of 20,680 Hours in Testing Time


The Orange County Crime Lab (OCCL) evaluated IMCSzyme® to determine whether it would more accurately and efficiently detect drug use when compared to Helix pomatia β-glucuronidase, the enzyme in use at the lab. The purpose of the study was to optimize the parameters of IMCSzyme® so that hydrolysis would be completed in less than one hour with an amount of the enzyme that was cost effective.

blood opiate analysis using IMCSzyme

IMCSzyme® provided a more complete hydrolysis than Helix pomatia β-glucuronidase, which they had previously been using. OCCL was processing an equivalent of 10,340 toxicology exams for opiates that required three hours of hydrolysis before they began to use IMCSzyme®.


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Summary by IMCS from the technical poster “Optimization of Extraction Parameters using IMCSzyme® beta-glucuronidase for Blood Opiate Analysis” presented by Nancy Kiedzerski at CAC Seminar 2014