Enhanced Recovery of Trypsin Digested Proteins


Clinical applications of proteomics require proteins and peptides of interest be sufficiently recovered and desalted for precise and high quality mass spectra analysis. In an effort to achieve high throughput capability, pipette tips containing loosely packed resin was used. This dispersive nature of the loosely packed resin in pipette tips allows for faster mixing between resin and liquid sample for increasing sample and resin contact time. 

MALDI-TOF analysis albumin

In this study, bovine serum albumin and four human serum proteins were digested with trypsin and desalted using IMCStips, a disposable pipette extraction tip containing loosely packed reverse-phase resin. Purification with IMCStips showed improved signal-intensities, signal-to-noise ratios, and sequence coverage when compared to other tips currently available.


Technical poster presented by Dr. Yuzhe Nie - University of South Carolina at MSACL 2016. Download a copy of the poster presentation.


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