Here's Why Speed Matters When It Comes to Laboratory Drug Testing

Time and time again, lab directors say that speed and accuracy are their biggest concerns. In the laboratory environment, endless factors can affect processes; these effects either increase or decrease lab performance as well as client satisfaction.

Why is speed such a critical measure of a lab’s efficiency? Here’s why speed matters when it comes to laboratory drug testing.



Speed Improves Lab ROI

Labs are incredibly high-overhead environments. Between building space, clinicians, testing supplies, and regulatory compliance, laboratories are only as functional as they are efficient. For many labs, especially those that operate based on volume, the difference between insolvency and viability is in the details. Faster processing of drug tests reduces the time-cost of each client interaction. The quicker a sample can be analyzed and the results transmitted, the fewer resources needed to maintain it. Faster labs make more money.


Speed Equates to Higher Accuracy

The less time a sample spends in the lab, the more accurate the results from that sample tend to be. Why? Because limitation of factors such as exposure to air, contamination, and even mislabeling translates into more accurate testing. Testing methods with the fewest steps are always preferred by laboratories because they limit the potential for human error. How can labs improve speed from the get-go? By selecting high-purity enzymes and other testing agents to reduce the time it takes for samples to hydrolyze.

Speed Makes for Happier Clients

Faster test results are better for everyone. Labs save money and time when they don’t sit on samples for days (or weeks) on end. Clients and sample providers, though, perhaps feel the effects of an extremely efficient lab process most. When results are reported faster, sample providers don’t have to wonder or worry for long; drug testing can be a stressful experience! Efficiency in the lab opens a bottleneck on the back-end - whether that’s in legal proceedings, an HR department, or another organizational entity. Faster turnaround times mean laboratories are more likely to be chosen under exclusive contracts or as preferred providers. too. When labs work quickly, everyone is happier.



IMCS is working hard to make lab testing faster, more reliable, and more cost effective for laboratories. Our patent-pending technology is clean, fast, and incredibly accurate – and it’s far less expensive than you might think.


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