How to Increase Drug Testing Lab Efficiency in 2018

Drug testing has become an integral component of the American workforce. In 2017, positive drug test results by American workers reached their highest rates in over a decade at over 4.2%. The most commonly-abused drugs are constantly changing, although broadly-used drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and opioids make up the most significant portion of positive results.




Drug Testing Labs and the Challenge of Efficiency

As drug use continues to rise, how can testing laboratories keep up with the demand for efficient, reliable results? Facing pressure from commercial clients, regulatory agencies, and healthcare professionals, labs are under more strain than ever to produce dependable, cost-effective test outputs time and again.

One way in which labs are increasing efficiency is by extending the functional capabilities of urine tests. The traditional limitations of urine testing, the most commonly used substrate for lab tests, have included questionably-accurate results as well as significant preparation times.


Maximizing the Efficiency of Urine Analysis

Though a litany of “instant” drug tests have flooded the market over the past decade, most organizations still rely on the compliance benefits offered by professional lab testing. Many labs, eager to compete with the benefits (cost, convenience) of so-called instant drug tests, are focusing on faster turnaround for results both negative and non-negative.

Traditionally, drug testing results have taken laboratories anywhere from 24-72 hours to report. Some of this timeframe is owed to logistics and paperwork, but many labs are investing in innovative biotechnologies to reduce the testing times themselves.


IMCSzyme for Fast, Accurate Results

IMCSzyme is a genetically modified pure beta-glucuronidase. The enzyme hydrolyzes multiple drug classes quickly, deconjugating 100% of glucuronides. Within fifteen minutes, IMCSzyme can reach recovery (over 90% hydrolysis) for THCA, Amitriptyline, Benzodiazepine, Norbuprenorphine, Morphine-3, Temazepam, and Codeine-6, among others. By increasing the percentage of drug hydrolyzed, accuracy is also increased.

Consistency is at the forefront of IMCSzyme production in order to guarantee reliability in results. With the tandem goals of decreasing preparation times and increasing throughput, the IMCS process includes extensive quality control measures to ensure reliable accuracy. By reducing the steps involved in the preparation of samples, including reducing incubation times, IMCSzyme increases testing efficiency while reducing the likelihood of human error.


Mitigating the pain points of laboratory drug testing has always been the goal of IMCSzyme. Hydrolyzing over a million samples a month, IMCSzyme is used in some of the most prolific laboratories in the U.S. to produce fast, reliable results.


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