IMCS, Biotechnology Leader Establishes New Headquarters in South Carolina


Irmo, South Carolina United States – January 6, 2017 –Integrated Micro Chromatography Systems (IMCS) has completed its new state-of-the-art headquarters at 110 Centrum Drive in Irmo, South Carolina.

The new infrastructure and equipment are part of a multi-million dollar capital investment by IMCS to ensure a state-of-the-art biotechnology operations center in the Midlands, South Carolina. The facility is specifically designed to increase production capability and to expand future products. IMCS creates, manufactures and distributes its biotechnology products to many types of laboratories including; clinical, forensic toxicology, university research, US Federal Government agency and health science companies.

“We are especially excited about the new facility as it enables us to deliver a broader set of high tech products to the biomedical industry. Our long term goals are to align with the future of precision medicine and to develop new tools that expand our knowledge of the human body”, said Andrew Lee, Chief Executive Officer.

As healthcare advances toward customized medical care, obtaining a clear picture of the individual is crucial for implementing a proper therapeutic regimen. The concept of matching a treatment regimen to an individual’s biological profile is one aspect of what is referred to as precision medicine. IMCS strives to address the growing needs of laboratories through advanced technologies that increase testing efficiency and accuracy to improve care delivery and the increased demands of precise healthcare.

The new headquarters opened for business on Monday, October 3rd with over 9,000 square feet of laboratory, administrative and shipping facilities. “Our new headquarters will enable us to increase production of IMCSzyme®, our flagship product, ten-fold and further develop a new line of IMCStips™. In addition, the added space will enable IMCS to recruit scientists and staff, and bring additional cutting edge products to market”, said Mark Hanna, Chief Revenue Officer.

About IMCS
Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, LLC (IMCS) is a biotechnology company focused on delivering tools and services to accelerate the promise of precision medicine. At IMCS, we believe that healthcare is personal. Your DNA is unique, therefore treatment of a disease should be unique to you. Improving the understanding of the complexities in each person’s body will assist healthcare professionals in administering treatment with increased accuracy.

Since 2013 IMCS has experienced triple digit growth annually, supplying products to laboratories across the US and internationally.

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