Size Exclusion Sample Preparation with IMCStips


According to a database established from human hemofiltrate, approximately 5000 different peptides were recorded. Over 95% of the detected masses were smaller than 15,000 Da and a small percentage (7%) of the detected masses represented sequences from peptide hormones, growth factors and cytokines.

hamiltonIMCStips diagram

These low molecular weight (LMW) peptides/proteins are attractive targets for monitoring human health. Here, we demonstrate a proof of concept size exclusion chromatography technique using INtip chemistries (IMCStips™) for rapid isolation of LMW peptides(Bradykinin and Angiotensin I) by using various pore sizes ranging from 30 Å to 60 Å.


  • • IMCStips for rapid isolation of LMW peptides using various pore sizes
  • • High throughput SPE method on Microlab® NIMBUS® from Hamilton Robotics
  • • Method on Integra VIAFLO96

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IMCS presented a technical poster on this method at the ASMS-Sanibel Peptidomics Conference.

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