The Benefits of Dispersive Pipette Extraction

IMCS isn’t just a biotechnology company, we’re an innovation company. We use a patented technology known as Dispersive Pipette Extraction (DPX) to enhance the preparation of samples for labs and other research facilities through our groundbreaking IMCSTips.

IMCStips uses a patented solid phase extraction technology (DPX) to be used in the field of proteomics. Our dispersive pipette extraction technology contains loose resin, which achieves higher binding capacities and consistent, reproducible results. It’s a platform that’s set to revolutionize proteomics and other sample-dependent work.

IMCStips offer myriad benefits relative to traditional sampling methods; here are a few of the most notable.



1. Resin Range and Methods

IMCStips have many different resins available in the tip. However, we also supply automated liquid handling scripts with our tip methods. Ranging from protein A/G (for immunoglobin purification) to charge resins designed to separate by charge, variable resins mean higher throughput and lower end-costs for incredibly accurate results. IMCSTips are offered with several classifications of resins including Reverse Phase, Ion Exchange, and Affinity.


2. Rapid Extraction Times

IMCStips incorporate loose resins within a pipette tip. The loose resin is turbulently mixed during aspiration and dispensing, increasing interaction between the target analyte and the resin itself. In just a few minutes, the extraction is completed. Time-saving translates to lower costs and minimal training required for end-users.


3. Automation Capabilities

IMCSTips are compatible with most automated liquid handling systems, making them easy to implement into an already-approved process. Depending on the application, automated IMCSTips can produce full results within just 30-90 minutes. Automation invariably leads to more consistency among results.

IMCStips have impacted labs around the country in the fields of proteomics, peptidomics, and more. In these sectors, consistency is of the utmost importance, but the pace of innovation is also raising the requirements for speed. IMCSTips provide incredible accuracy for preparing samples in hours, not weeks.

Contact the IMCS team for more information or technical details on how IMCSTips can improve your process. Whether you’re researching, testing, or moving to market, our solutions offer consistency and ease-of-use.


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