Urine Drugs of Abuse Screening and Quantitation


Many clinical laboratories processing large number of samples in a limited time frame require minimal preparative steps to reduce time and cost. In a poster at SOFT 2015 presented by a pain medication monitoring laboratory, the researchers reported a LC-QTOF MS method with minimal sample processing steps.

 A critical component of this dilute and shoot method was the genetically modified beta-glucuronidase, IMCSzyme®, which has higher purity than other commercially available beta-glucuronidases, which translates to no interferences identified on the LC-QTOF-MS.

This study highlights the application of a LC-QTOF MS as a sensitive, selective and reproducible solution for quantitation of drugs in urine samples that was achieved using the genetically modified beta-glucuronidase, IMCSzyme®.


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Summarized by IMCS from the technical presentation "Fast, Simple and Accurate Method for Urine Drugs of Abuse Screening and Quantitation Using Liquid Chromatography with Time of Flight (TOF) Mass” by E. Howard Taylor - Addiction Labs of America at SOFT 2015