What Does the Future of Biotechnology in America Look Like?

Biotechnology is the future. Biotechnical medicine, fuel, and even food are advancing daily thanks to new breakthroughs in technology. It’s an exciting time to be in biotech; IMCS is privileged to have a spot at the table.

What does the future of biotechnology in America look like? Of course, at IMCS we pay close attention to new developments in biotechnical medicine, but it’s important to remember that all areas of biotech are linked. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for bio-medicine, the building block of the biotechnology industry.

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Biotech in the Medical Industry

Biotechnical medicine has never been hotter. Completion of the human genome project along with technological advancements in protein testing and other fields of study have opened the floodgates of diagnoses, prevention, and treatment.

Soon, experts think we could use platform technology to literally reprogram the genetic codes of living things. Study is starting small – with organisms like yeast – but the ability to alter the human genetic code holds amazing promise for medical professionals. In the meantime, researchers are working on identifying gene- and protein-markers for thousands of illnesses and conditions so that when technology catches up, treatment will be possible.


Advancing Personalized Medicine

The idea that every individual’s unique genetic code creates specific responses and vulnerabilities to diseases and treatments isn’t a new one, but technology is finally available to alter the outcomes. There’s more to biomedicine than genes; proteins, enzymes, acids, and other human building blocks are just beginning to be understood for the important roles they play in the use and development of our bodies.

Pharmacogenomics – testing medicine based on genetic factors – is one of the ways in which new DNA data is being used in real-time. What will biotechnical medical treatment look like? It could take many forms. Genetic or protein therapy, for example, could prevent people from developing diseases they are naturally predisposed to have. One day, doctors hope each patient’s genes and proteins will determine exactly which medications and treatments they need.

Neurotechnology is one of the most forward-thinking fields of study in biotech. Brain-controlled prosthetics and bio-driven implants are an exciting idea, advancing every day. Scientists even posit that eventually we might be able to “assist” one another cognitively, communicating brain-to-brain without speech or other traditional means. Everything from language to memories leaves a biometric impression on the brain; scientists want to figure out how to identify these biomarkers and manipulate them for the common good.

The future of bio-medicine is bright. Every peer-reviewed paper or clinical study creates promise…and poses questions. Medical researchers are finally beginning to have the tools they need to innovate the way biomedicine was to do. It’s an exciting place to be.

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